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Alta Design / Development

4445 Eastgate Mall, Suite 400.

San Diego, Ca 92121

Tel: + 1 858 442 8009


Carlos Wellman has a BA in Architecture and real estate finance.

He has been in design, construction and business development since 1998 working with large scale developers in various real estate and retail endeavors, Including over 300 speculative and custom high end homes, restaurants, commercial and retail operations.

His strengths are strategic planning, design, construction, lease negotiations, management and quality control.

He was the Project Manager and Managing Director for Cinepolis Luxury Cinemas from its inception until November 2012, with 5 locations designed, developed and run in California.

Team Members:


Enrique Ramirez has been with the firm since 2004, coordinating all aspects of design work and clerical office administration.

Many other contractors and subcontractors whom we work with on a daily basis to ensure high standard quality projects and build outs.

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