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Alta Design and Development were founded in 2003.

Since then we have become widely recognized as a top quality design, development, strategic planning and construction firm. Our success is based not only on our reputation for high quality design services, and long-term relationships that we nourish with our clients and strategic partners. We work with a myriad of designers, contractors and subcontractors regularly on different type of project scopes both residential and commercial. 

Alta’s mission is to provide strategic planning and consulting services to help our clients respond to their residential and business needs. Our depth of experience coupled with our passion for innovation and design, enable us to offer cost-effective solutions for a wide-range of project types.

Aesthetics comprise only a portion of the design process. Good design achieves the highest level of functionality and efficiency, providing maximum flexibility to accommodate the current and long-term needs of the project. Good design considers energy saving strategies, and the conscientious management of resources.


Ultimately, architectural excellence is the result of a synergistic developmental process involving the commitment of everyone touched by the design process; a collaborative effort of the entire project team, the client, and user groups, to produce innovative, functional, contextual solutions that respect the practical issues of program, budget and schedule.


Our commitment is to provide that continuation of excellence and synergism throughout the entire design process.

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